3 Replies to “Tru Skincare Studio – Spas, Boulder”

  1. Wow. Truly as good as it gets. Cynthia blew my mind from the first time we spoke on the phone. Her caring demeanor is first-class, not to mention the effectiveness of her service! I felt wonderful after our time together and she actually brought life to my skin again! I struggle with acne prone skin and the acneic peel did the trick to lightening hyper-pigmentation and easing current blemishes. She spent a fair chunk of time discussing acne triggers and encouraged me to keep fighting to gain answers to holistically heal from the inside out. She never pushed product and answered all of my questions with ease and concern. I highly recommend and look forward to seeing her again!

  2. Cynthia is unbelievable!!!!!! She was so caring, thoughtful and kind. I went every two weeks for a facial when I lived in Boulder and my skin looks amazing. I wish she would move to the east coast ! She never, ever pushed product on me and when I asked her about products, she was very intelligable in regards to how the products work and what to use when. I had a million questions and she answered them with true concern for my skin health. She was also very caring on a personal level. This is five star service and ANYONE in Boulder (whether your male or female, a resident or just visiting) should experience TruSkincare at least once. Cynthia is an angel and she has changed my outlook on skincare for the better !!!!! She also knows how to extract without scarring and with minimal pain. What a relaxing environment !!!! This is truly the number 1 place in colorado for skincare (or dare I say number 1 place in the west !!!!!) and the number 1 place Im going to miss now that Im back east !

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