5 Replies to “Massage Envy – Boulder – Spas, Boulder”

  1. I will not be back to this location partially because the people who answer the phone are incredibly rude. I called to cancel an appointment because I got called into work and TANYA who answered the phone was so unprofessional I felt personally attacked. She didn’t even ask my name, who I was with, nothing. She was rude, she said told me same day cancellation was 50% charge, fine, i’m Okay with that, me not showing up in my problem but then she hung up on me, didn’t reschedule me, nothing, and this is the second time I have had a bad interaction with her on the phone. Until she is gone I am not spending my money there.

  2. I will preface this review by saying that this is not about the massage therapists at this location. This is about the front desk staff. I just called this location trying to change the credit card on file with my account. The first person I spoke to put me on hold immediately after hearing what I needed to do because she did not know how to do that and needed a coworker. She failed to explain to the coworker what I needed to do, though, so the next person picked up and I had to explain all over. I wish I had gotten his name because he was terrible – he was not friendly and did not seem to know what he was doing. I read him the new card number, he confirmed it, and then he informed me that my account is suspended. This is news to me! Apparently no one felt the need to call me or email me to inform me that the last payment hadn’t gone through – I realize that I should have noticed, and take responsibility for that, but I am surprised and frustrated that no communication came from Massage Envy on the matter. The front desk guy, however, starts sighing into the phone like HE is the one who is frustrated and making it sound like it’s going to be impossible to get my account out of suspension. Please understand that I’ve been a member at Massage Envy for over 10 years and have made regular payments for that same time frame. After a few more sighs, he says, “Can I put you on a brief hold?” A minute later, a completely different person picks up the phone and says something like, “So you need to change your credit card on file?” And I lost it. I will admit that I lost it. Turns out the second person I talked to never saved my credit card number and so I went through the whole process again. The third person I talked to was actually quite friendly and apologetic, but her excuse for the behavior of the first two people I spoke to was that they are “new to the front desk.” Being new is not an excuse for being rude, and it’s certainly not an excuse for telling someone that you’re putting them on hold and just passing them off to someone else. I will be switching my home location to a different Massage Envy.

  3. My masseuse was great. Found places I didn’t know were sore. Would go again.

  4. I went to Massage Envy in Boulder to shop around for a massage therapist, didn’t find anyone I liked, and was charged three months after my last visit for a membership I never signed up for. I’ve called three times today and nobody has answered the phone.

  5. I’ve had nothing but inconsistency with both the front desk staff and the quality of service. I’ve been told numerous different policies of cancellation depending on who I spoke to, but today was the last straw. One of the front girl staff, ‘Ella,’ was beyond rude to me today for the last time. She is so so rude to clients that I’m unsure as to why she still has her job. She’s ruined massages of mine in the past by berating me when I asked her about their cancellation policy. They also can’t seem to hold on to any of their good therapists or facialists, as they keep quitting. I was also assaulted by one of their male therapists last Fall during their massage. I would stay far away from this branch, and all Massage Envy’s in gernral. If you’re stuck in one of their ridiculous contracts, use them at another location. I’m surprised they are able to stay in business in Boulder at all.

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