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  1. Marianna’s L’Esthetique Medi Spa is my NUMBER ONE stop for total skincare. The individual attention, care, and expertise has transformed my skin completely. Its clear, youthful, vibrant, hydrated, and healthy. Marianna’s products are the only ones I trust right now. I have been dedicated to her services for several years and it’s been 100% worth the journey from my first appointment. I always look forward to my appointments there. The entire staff creates an awesome atmosphere that keeps me coming back on top of the skincare. I recommend Marianna’s to all my friends.

  2. I went to Marianna’s for skincare in preparation for my wedding and have been back for massage and continue to use their wonderful products. I have really sensitive skin and have never been able to find products/services that actually stop breakouts and not irritate. My skin looks amazing and everyone at the spa is friendly and helpful. Great atmosphere, awesome services, lovely people. It’s worth the price!

  3. I had the Signature Massage this weekend, I picked it out from a company Wishlist gift for my work anniversary. It was the most interesting massage I have ever had, and it felt reaaaaaally good and was SO relaxing. The masseuse was named Naneki and she is so talented. I have had hot stone massages in the past but this one was the best one. Naneke used the hot stones to massage my muscles which was just so relaxing and felt so nice. She also used some Thai massage which I have never experienced, it was super cool. Then there was reflexology on my feet at the end. Overall I came out feeling relaxed and refreshed.

    I also love that they make this a special experience for you when you walk in. You go to the locker room to change, put on a bathrobe and slippers, and then go to a little relaxation room to wait for your massage. It is just a nice little gem in downtown Boulder. I am getting married in September and I would love to go here before the wedding for some pampering 🙂

  4. So happy with the service!!! I got the lash tint and lift and it was the first time in my life I haven’t had stinging in my eyes after the tint. Very impressed. I have extremely sensitive skin and a day later my skins already look better.

  5. My skin is pretty normal, and I do not have any allergies, but as most Coloradans, I tend to be dry. I have been looking for a new moisturizer, and I purchased Hydraderm, hoping it would help. Upon first use, I felt immediate burning and later peeling around my mouth and chin. When I called to ask about the return policy, a young woman, who also helped me with my in-store purchase, said that she was not informed of the return policy but she would get back to me. She called and left a message saying, “I spoke with my manager and the owner and they said you are within the time frame to get your money back, but if you are experiencing any dryness or reaction, they would like you to come in so they could see the reaction and offer you a free skin consultation.” I called back and said, “thanks for the free consultation, but I will pass.” (I had a facial scheduled at a different spa hoping it would help my dryness, which it did!) I was placed on hold for over 5 minutes, and then she said, “I spoke with my manager, and they cannot return the product unless you do the skin consultation.” I explained that it had been 7 days since I purchased the product and I was no longer reacting. I was placed on hold again. She then said, “We cannot return the product unless I schedule you to come in a do the free skin consultation.” We tried to look up times that I could come in, and eventually I said that I felt this was poor customer service, and that I would absorb the cost and count my losses. She apologized for my experience.

    I ask that in the future to please train your employees to know the return policy or give them the authority to determine if the return seems resonable. If that is not possible, please have the manager do the negotiations, not a middle man. Tori was professional and wanted to help, but was unfortunately stuck in the middle. I do not attribute any of this rating to her performance. She tried hard.

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