Willow Springs Shopping Center – Shopping Areas, Boulder

 Willow Springs Shopping Center


 Boulder, CO 80301, USA


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  1. I always go to CrossFit Roots when I’m in Boulder for work. They’re very friendly and make dropping in a real benefit. You can pay a drop in fee and get a shirt, or you can pay a fee for an unlimited week. Great class schedule for everyone. Lots of different coaches to choose from. Showers, bathrooms, storage areas for your stuff, and the gym is huge so you can work on whatever you want to work on. I’ve been to other CrossFit gyms but this is the best I know of in Boulder, Colorado.

  2. Has two of the best restaurants around in it. Tangerine and Buddha Cafe

  3. beautiful floral baskets and well kept, clean shopping center with many great small businesses all together

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