5 Replies to “Twenty Ninth Street – Shopping Areas, Boulder”

  1. Great selection of clothing stores, food places, a movie theater, and more. It is an outside mall. Parking is the biggest issue but if you are willing to walk a little or go during off hours it isn’t bad. There is some covered parking as well.

  2. Great shops, good food, but why an outdoor mall in Colorado? The day I visited it was 38 degrees and raining. Flatirons Crissing mall is just few miles away and is warm, comfortable and has most of the same shops.

  3. Located in a convenient area. Nice, clean mall. Lots of great stores and places to eat (Smash Burger is my favorite). Big movie theater. Lots in this area – Target, Trader Joe’s, etc. My favorite area to shop in Boulder.

  4. Hard to avoid if you live anywhere near campus. Some nice shops. Parking is an absolute nightmare, and don’t count on finding a spot near your intended shop. There isn’t a central lot, but a series of small parking lots connected by roads, punctuated by numerous 4-way stops. Not only do shoppers not understand the stop signs, but are also crossing roads and lots on foot in every direction at all times.

  5. Going during off hours is best or taking public transportation. People are not lying when they talk about parking being crazy. They have a lot of stores you won’t elsewhere in Boulder for clothing and it’s a great location to walk around with plenty of places to eat as well. Movie theater is nice as well and less crowded we have noticed than surrounding cities.

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