5 Replies to “Pearl Street Mall – Shopping Areas, Boulder”

  1. Nice street with lots of shops if you’re into that. More interesting is the architecture of some of the older buildings, so don’t forget to look up to the eaves of many of them, so you don’t miss the designs. The Courthouse, about halfway down, is a great example of art deco. Close to the Courthouse is a public bathroom, right on the Mall. Good thing to know!

  2. The Pearl Street Mall was one of the highlights of my day trip. I was so impressed when we parked and then walked into the mall. There are so many good stores there so much good food and so many nice people. I would like to go again very soon if the time permits. It’s a terrific place for great shopping and lots of fun gift possibilities there.

  3. It’s a nice and lively place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. Lots of options to eat and drink. Many fun performances going on. Gets quiet very early though. Went on a Saturday night around 9:30 and most of the restaurants were closed and it was deserted.

  4. Great place to spend the day walking around and exploring myriad small shops. Lots of recognized brand names as well as locally owned stores and galleries. You can find pert neat anything you want and many more treasures you didn’t even know you couldn’t live without until you held it in your hands.

  5. Pearl Street is a great place to spend the day at with friends. From it’s creative art to it’s classy restaurants, Pearl Street mall is a world in itself. Come spend the day shopping at the most unique shops in Boulder. Great place, new cultures, and a must visit spot for those who are new to Boulder, or have never been!

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