5 Replies to “Meadows On the Parkway – Shopping Areas, Boulder”

  1. We visited Ice cream & Gelato where products are handmade and delicious. There are tables and chairs inside and outside. There is no table service. Prices are by the size of what you want of the large variety of creams. They have both sugar and cake cones plus various sizes of cups Free tastes are available. Location is easily seen from the street and ample parking is available since building is in the mall.

  2. I would give them 5 stars, however they don’t have many place to eat out in the center. Very nice selection of other places to visit though….

  3. Probably my favorite local plaza.. Especially Rite Aid and eyeglass /dr America’s Best.

  4. 7E2-802: A typical strip mall with a few restaurants. Plenty of adequate size parking spaces were available. Felt nice and open environment.

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