5 Replies to “Diagonal Plaza – Shopping Areas, Boulder”

  1. I’m new here, and I don’t know when this mall was built, but it feels like the 1970’s. However, it’s home to the Colorado DMV and a good driving school. I have heard that the Mexican restaurant is pretty good. There’s plenty of parking all of the time. I read that this mall may be renovated in the future. It’s in a great location; it’s just that it’s old.

  2. it’s pretty quiet here for the most part.
    well, at least it always seems to be whenever I come here.
    there is also lots of the typical Boulder homeless men peacefully roaming around the area.
    I really like the DMV here, or department of revenue…whatever you call it, haha.
    it’s super chill there for a DMV and never too busy.
    that’s all I got to say about the Diagonal Plaza!

  3. Got my licence there. Actually not to bad of a wait. But, the people that worked their are rude. The whole plaza…

  4. Rite Aid that changed to Walgreens is the only store that I purchase any products from in the shopping center but they are highly efficient. Plenty of parking

  5. Sad to say it’s one of the last old boulder places .give a few years there will be nothing left L.A 2

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