5 Replies to “Thrive – Restaurants, Boulder”

  1. This place is radiating with love and good vibes. I was uptight from traveling and this place reminded me to sit back and enjoy my food. The taco salad was HUGE and super delicious. The staff were very friendly and never made me feel rushed or like I was taking too long. They had run out of some things, but I ended up getting something amazing anyways! Highly recommend their summer drinks.

  2. In. Love. Best food, best people, best atmosphere. You will feel nourished and appreciated in your being. Blessed this place exists!

  3. One of those places you wish you had near you so you can hang there for lunch every day. Vegan AND super health conscious (in terms of the food and everything around it). Everything is raw, vegan, and delicious! There’s a few outdoor spots, including a swing in a beautiful garden. This place just has it all.

  4. What an amazing restaurant. Great quality ingredients make up filling and nutritious meals. Everything tastes so fresh eating it doesn’t just satistfy you physically but emotionally and spiritually as well

  5. I love burgers and the raw burger they have is amazing, so flavorful. I highly recommend this place not only for the delicious food also for the awesome staff and for what they stand for.

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