5 Replies to “The West End Tavern – Restaurants, Boulder”

  1. Really nice place with great view from the back deck. Had their smoked brisket which was very moist and had lots of flavor. They do have a nice selection of craft beer but a few were out. The corn bread was very good rivaling what you get in the south. I would highly recommended and plan to go back.

  2. The West End has been steadfastly holding down it’s spot on West Pearl St. for many years while so many other places have come and gone. It’s just a rock solid tavern with well priced, delicious food and drink. Their happy hour food portions are very generous and, if you can get a patio table on a pleasant evening, the people watching is excellent entertainment.

  3. Paid $90 for mediocre food and mediocre service. Cocktails we’re good though! We had three people in our party and ordered two cocktails, one appetizer, three entrees.
    We ordered the cornbread which was dreadful. Ok flavor and the sweet butter was good but the cornbread was rushed and came out under cooked and soggy. Service took longer than normal and the entrees were pretty underwhelming – overcooked chicken tenders, unripe fruit on salad. The salad was $19 after adding grilled chicken!!! One of us got the pulled pork sandwich which was good. Unless this night was a fluke, I won’t come here again. Not worth the $$ when there are fantastic restaurants on the same block.

  4. Fresh BBQ and other solid comfort food. Many places serving comfort food these days. Things must be uncomfortable out there.

    The bar downstairs is comfy. The roof was once spectacular but most of the view is now blocked by new development. Still a nice place to hang out.

  5. We love going to this place for happy hour! The food is great, there is a wide selection of cocktails and beer, and their happy hour is awesome! It’s such a fun location and the atmosphere really matches. We love this place!

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