5 Replies to “The Sink – Restaurants, Boulder”

  1. One of those rare places where the legend matches the experience. 12 of us (including 4 small children) piled into the back room and the service was quick, friendly and helpful. The food is great, the atmosphere is exactly what we hoped it would be, pure Boulder.

  2. Very much a staple of Boulder. The restaurant was founded in 1923 making it one of the oldest, if not the oldest, restaurant in town. They have low ceilings where graduates sign their name as well as very cool painted charicatures painted on the walls. The food and service are both great and reasonably priced. I would not recommend going on non-busy weekends (CU parents weekend for example) but any other time should be fine.

  3. Decent food and drinks. Came here for UCLA vs Colorado football game. The fried chicken tenders we’re over fried so we asked to have them redone. They corrected the issue. Pizza was fairly good but the crust was a bit too doughy.

  4. Fun little place. Although you will likely need to wait a bit before getting a table.

    Food was great and the place has loads of its own charm.

  5. Food was good. My hamburger was slightly over cooked for being ordered as medium well. My son enjoyed his cowboy reuban. The pickles were excellent. And the fries were delicious as well. I had the aristocrat burger and the flavors were good other than the overdoneness. Also, not sure the grass fed beef was worth the extra price as I don’t think it really tasted all that different.

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