5 Replies to “The Roadhouse Boulder Depot – Restaurants, Boulder”

  1. Awesome place with very good food. This is a historic building which has been relocated and is very, very cool. They serve gluten free versions of a ton of stuff and low and behold, they recognize that you should toast a gluten free bun! A lot of places skip that step and gluten free buns are often sort of dense. Great service, great food, nice area….

  2. Loved dining outside. The atmosphere was wonderful, serve was prompt and attentive, and my meal was incredibly flavorful. Sadly living 700 miles away doesn’t allow me to continue to explore the menu.

  3. The burgers here are great. I love that they hand out free drink tokens when the train goes by and blows its whistle. Good place to catch a game as the TVs are well placed so you can watch them but they don’t dominate the place.

  4. Service was slow despite being fairly empty. The food was good but kinda expensive and a little salty. I think if they focused more on their service and menu than trying to be hip they would be much more popular. Parking isn’t free and they don’t validate. The outdoor seating looked nice though.

  5. Pretty cool spot. You wouldn’t know it was there unless someone told you. Old rail station look. Good beer selection and happy hour runs late. Service was a bit slow, but it was in between lunch / dinner shifts.

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