5 Replies to “Sushi Zanmai – Restaurants, Boulder”

  1. Their sushi is always fresh and amazing. I haven’t really tried much of anything else. The wait staff are friendly but often inattentive. It gets super popular on the weekends and can take a very long time to get food…. And sometimes drinks. The restaurant itself is pretty cozy and full of Japanese decor. I love their saltwater tank. Food and ambiance get 5 stars. Service gets 4 stars.

  2. The setting in here is so great. I loved all the Japanese masks and decorations. The sushi was exceptional and the smoked squid salad was the best ever! Great atmosphere overall and the staff was fun and nice and you could see how well they communicated with each other. Great experience and will definitely be back soon.

  3. Fun, fabulous the nicest treat I can give myself while treating my husband. Best entertainment in town at the Sushi bar. Thanks guys!

  4. Sushi Zanmai is by far one of the best restaurants in town. Some of the best sushi I’ve ever had with the best vibes around. Sit at the sushi bar for an awesome lively experience! Zanmai love forever!!!!!

  5. I’ve loved this restaurant to visit when I come to town for over 10 years. #9 sushi roll is my must have. This time I was introduced to the fish collar. Where have I been? It’s not pretty but so delicious!

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