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  1. Great, honest and friendly service. Would def recommend coming over. Look for Robert B — very friendly and gave me exactly the car I needed. I’ve messed the dates of the reservation and even so he was able to make it happen. Thanks Rob!

  2. I don’t know much about the legalities of car sales or anything like that, but I do know that Frontier Honda told me that it is illegal to alter an interest rate for the purchase of extra warranty, which is what Hertz did. The car I bought is great and is still great. No complaints on that front. Just thought I’d share the insight of Honda in this situation.

  3. I reserved a car for 8/22 – 8/24. I did this directly with an agent in Hertz’s own rental call center. I discovered that Hertz was, in fact, renting cars they did not have. I was forced to use an Uber for my transportation needs – cheaper, but more cumbersome.

    When I called to complain about this, I was informed by the agent at this location that I “should have made the reservation through their location directly” and that a “reservation only guarantees your price, it doesn’t mean we actually have a car for you”. IE, they’ll give me a rate and tell me to go in, whether or not they have a car for me. Great, so at the last minute, I have to go through a different company… if possible.

    I went through talking to many different people about this. Customer Service kept telling me that there WERE cars available, and that if there weren’t, the location was at fault for ‘not taking cars out of the system’. Whereas this location, and all surrounding area locations, could see in their computer system that they were all out.

    I used to think Hertz was the ‘premier’ rental agency. I’ll no longer ever be ‘reserving’ through them. I’d rather go through a company where I can pre-pay for my car, and actually HAVE a car, instead of just ‘locking in a rate’.

  4. This is the third time it’s happened with me that I booked a car with Hertz weeks in advance and didn’t get it. Moreover, they weren’t apologetic about it or willing to give any other car they did have. I would not recommend booking with them if you don’t want your plans scrapped at last moment.

  5. Hand’s down, the best place to rent a car in the Boulder area. Friendly, knowledgeable, and incredibly helpful. The cars are always nice and clean with a wide selection of cars.

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