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  1. What an incredible service to the community! I’ve used the pick-up several times, and when my car’s in the shop, or when I can’t get where I’m going by bus, I walk to the nearest CarShare and grab a Prius or Outback. Absurdly convenient, affordable, can’t say enough good things. Much gratitude!!!!!

  2. Great service! Convenient locations around town. I don’t own a car, and this is such a nice service for me in combination with biking and public transportation. I also appreciate that the fleet is eco-friendly.

  3. Cheaper than zipcar! Local non profit helping sustain folks in the community who don’t have vehicles. Very clean professional company, what’s not to like?

  4. I feel really lucky that Boulder has such an affordable carshare service. I wasn’t familiar with the concept of carsharing until I moved here and it’s changed my life by saving me money and taking away the stress of a monthly car payment and insurance. For any Boulder/ Denver residents who don’t need an individual car, this is a great affordable option with locations in convenient spots all over town.

  5. Quite overpriced. If I had realized this, I would have just spent the $40-$50/day that the regular car rental place down the street wanted to charge. Not sure how often, if ever again we will use this service. Usually, the rental cars we get are about $130-140/week (including taxes and with unlimited mileage), but we where in a peak time I guess with it being summer, so they are now charging more. I would not have used this service otherwise. I would use this more if it were not soooooo expensive. I prefer supporting local business. But this is ridiculous. I spent almost $80 for a rental…for one day! When I would have paid only twice that for a week!!! Plus the car was quite dirty and had stains all over all the seats, which I reported. Of course, this isn’t including the cost of just “joining” this service. Tack on another $20 we had to pay. Not to mention the Lyft we had to take to pick up the Fob if we didn’t want to wait a couple of weeks to get it. The process was much more difficult and annoying than one would think. I pay for this service for my disabled mother, and they gave me a hard time about using my credit card to pay for it! I told them fine. I’ll just remove mine and add hers, they refused and told me I would have to go through an annoying “verification” process anyway. We had been AT the office, just the day prior. If they had wanted to verify my card, why not when we had to pay for the Lyft to get there in the first place!!! This place is unorganized, expensive, and they don’t keep their cars clean. They seem only cleaned when drivers, who have to pay by the hour as well as mileage, wash them themselves. WHO is willing to do that when you have to pay mileage AND time. Yes, they reimburse you for the cost to wash the car (it’s a small cap reimbursement and most good places that do a reasonable job charge more than that) but I don’t have the time and/or money to invest in a car that is not mine. I’d be paying them…to wash their car! You would think, for the price, that it would be built into the cost of the rental, but apparently not.

    Edit: 9/7/2018 Response to “CEO”
    One – AS STATED When I previously spoke to people at your company my mother is DISABLED!!! She has me do these calls for her, because people like you, stress her out. She has a stress and anxiety disorder that makes social situations hard for her and AS I ALREADY EXPLAINED TO ANOTHER PERSON from your company, so she ASKS me to do ANY calls for her like this. I ALSO don’t appreciate you lying about me, or your slander. I was NOT trying to drive this vehicle. AS PREVIOUSLY stated, AGAIN, to one of your employees. I DON’T have a license!!! I CAN’T drive and don’t know HOW, I’ve NEVER had a drivers license. I’m planning on working on that in the coming months, but to insinuate that I’m a trying to take advantage of your service in that kind of way is ridiculous and slanderous. You just don’t like the negative post. Not my problem. You harassed my disabled mother, causing her even more stress and anxiety. I’ve never spoken or dealt with you before, so maybe try to get your facts straight before accepting the, clearly skewed version you heard.
    I’m confused about if you READ most of my original post. You mentioned that it never takes two weeks to get the fob and that you can pick it up if you want to avoid that. My mom DID pick it up! As mentioned, in the post. I was told over the phone, by one of your staff, that it could take up to 2 weeks. Not my problem if your team give the wrong information.
    As for your retaliating like a child by “punishing” my mother for this complaint. I am DEMANDING a return of the funds we spent! And will be putting in a complaint with the BBB as well as the Attorney General’s Office. This is unacceptable behavior. I’ve saved this post as proof if I have to take it to my lawyer. And now its one star.

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