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  1. When I arrived to pick up my reserved compact car, the car rental employee was smoking outside on the sidewalk which I felt was unprofessional. Next, he came inside and tried to offer me several car options that he said needed oil maintenance and another that was out of date with its inspection. I said no that would not work, since I had to drive over 200 miles and could not afford to risk any of that. Especially when I was paying a few hundred dollars. I went to check out the only mid to small car he had available without these problems. It smelled strongly of marijuana. There was a “no smoking” sticker on the window which had obviously been ignored. The employee wasn’t sure if the car had been cleaned since the last driver. I had to go to my work event and was running out of time (about 45 min after arrival at the rental car counter) so I had no choice but to go with the marijuana car. Gross. They also charged me significantly more than my online priceline reservation told me they would charge. Frustrating. Bad experience overall.

  2. I am very frustrated with Budget’s customer service and billing.
    I was billed over $150 for an additional day with the vehicle I dropped
    My reservation time for drop off was 2 pm at an office that apparently
    closes at 2 pm. I’m still confused as to how a location can be closed at a time when you’re scheduled to be there?
    As an individual who works in an office, I schedule appointments everyday and we don’t schedule appointments any more than 10-15 minutes before closing time because we understand things happen and people run late.
    Additionally, we contact the client when they are running late to verify
    they are still planning on coming or ask if they need to reschedule.
    I understand that I ran late (about 10-15 minutes) and I do take the
    fault for that.
    On the other hand, as someone who works in the field where customer
    service is essential to business, I would think a location with the
    customer in mind, would call and verify that the customer was still
    planning on dropping the vehicle off at that location…especially if they are going to charge the customer extra for a late fee and an additional day.
    Additionally, the location had a drop off box for the key and the
    contract; however, the customer service representative told me the
    location did not have an option for after hour drop off.
    Why even have a drop box and key slot allowing drop off after hours if it’s not an option?
    Furthermore, I tried to call customer service when I arrived at the
    location, but was unable to reach anyone because the office was closed.
    Finally, when I called to discuss this with a customer service
    representative I was extremely put off by the fact that the customer
    service representative could do absolutely nothing for me, including ask
    a manager or supervisor if there was anything at all they could offer
    me. He made me feel as if I was in the wrong and just apologized once for the inconvenience.
    $155 might not sound like a lot of money to some, but for someone who is working two jobs to make ends meet, it could cover a large amount of my bills. Additionally, I trusted that Budget would offer me the best service and value when I made the reservation. I’m extremely disheartened by my experience working with this company.
    I feel like the lack of “customer care” and attitude towards
    nonchalantly over-billing customers is exactly the opposite of “customer
    In the future, I would recommend letting the customer know before
    reserving a drop off at the closing time and a location that does not
    allow for after-hour drop off. Additionally, you may want to reevaluate
    the way your “customer care” representatives care for you customers.

  3. Best service I’ve ever received both arrival and departure!. nice car, reasonable rates, and the staff was fantastic a plus. I would highly recommend this site as well as the Broomfield site.

  4. Bad service. Just a square room with a kid in it who can’t answer any questions about why the price on the website for the car I reserved is a lot more than what they charge me when I get there, plus it is too late to cancel my reservation. Also they didn’t have the car I reserved, but again it was too late to cancel my reservation because they “upgraded” my car. Can’t answer questions about why they charge me sale’s tax twice and can’t talk to a supervisor. He just said “That’s the price.” I felt ripped off and had no choice.

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