4 Replies to “The Green Room: Boulder Dispensary – Recreational Marijuana Shops, Boulder”

  1. I have yet to have a negative experience here. The budtenders are great, the bud is tasty and high quality, and the prices are fantastic! Become a member for free and enjoy 10% every purchase. They have daily specials, a rewards program, and frequent vendor visits, so visit often!

  2. Okay, so it was my first time going into this dispensary. First off, they didn’t tell me that I had to wait to be called into because I’m used just walking into dispensaries. Second, i feel like I got slightly ripped off and played. I go to buy a disposable vaporizer (Grabbed the Pyramid $20) and I buy Love’s Oven Baked Goods which is also $20. The guy tells me the prices which he says the Pens are $30 and Goods are $20. Okay, cool, I’m willing to pay for it and he tells me the total will be $63. Assuming with taxes. I go to the ATM since they don’t accept credit cards and the ATM doesn’t have enough cash to give me money. I go tell the guy and he tells me there’s a Wells Fargo close by (after googling it) and I’m like sweet be right back, he tells me he will give me a 15% on the entire purchase because of the hassle, sweet right? But the total was $53. On their online menu the prices were complete different vs what he tells me. I should’ve paid $40 and if I got the 15% it should’ve been $34.

  3. Great deals, super friendly, one of the few dispensaries I frequent. Great selection of buds, limited concentrate and edible selection. My first choice for flower in boulder though. Highly recommend

  4. If you like flower, this is the place! High quality, great specials, and super-knowledgeable staff. A personal fave!

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