5 Replies to “The Dandelion Dispensary – Recreational Marijuana Shops, Boulder”

  1. What an amazing team at this place. I’ve been a regular here for close to a year. The product here is mostly in house and the quality and prices are the best. I go crosstown and pass so many substandard shops. If you want quality and amazing prices, go here. I love going here and chatting with the staff. Everyone in this place loves their job, and I truly enjoy every minute I’m there! Thanks all for the amazing service you give me EVERY TIME I visit. You are the best shop in Boulder!!!

  2. I switched my Med membership from Terrapin in September and haven’t looked back. Prices and bud quality are consistent. Budtenders are always knowledgeable, friendly, and help me get exactly what I’m looking for every time. The membership prices carry to Native Roots too, which is perfect for when I’m in Denver or the mountains.

  3. The staff are the best. The staff are what keeps me coming back to The Dandelion. They’re friendly, they’re knowledgeable, they’re good at what they do. I will occasionally shop elsewhere, but The Dandelion is home.

  4. Hehe it’s always amazing communicating with the staff here. Hopefully I get to eventually communicate with the owner one time. Keep being amazing to patients friends.

  5. Overall, I would definitely recommend The Dandelion as a MMJ dispensary. It had a quiet and low-energy waiting area, consistently good selection, very good deals for members, in my opinion; on the other hand, I wish they could keep more big sativas in stock more consistently, but this is just a small complaint.

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