5 Replies to “Native Roots Dispensary Boulder – Recreational Marijuana Shops, Boulder”

  1. Great place in a great location! Can be a little hard to find initially, but is worth it. They always have the best around

  2. Good selection in terms of variety, though not huge. Quality is an A. Thanks guy whose name I can’t remember for the recommendation and the good looking out. Prices are a bit on the high side, but that’s not unexpected with the location, as I’m sure downtown shops are expensive. Glad they stay open until ten, it’s probably a busier time of night, as many other places are closed or are more expensive for comparable products or only slightly better this or that. Something something about no coupons.that sucks. No rewards program is pretty weak, also. Glad to stop by if I’m on Pearl. Thanks!

  3. This place has the ultimate deals 2424 bucks out the door for Shatter you simply can’t mess with it they got all kinds of great deals on 8 T H S and grams and there but it’s absolutely fire

  4. This was my first dispensary stop during my visit from Texas. The place is very clean and the staff is super friendly, especially my budtender Nova! She was great and gave me exactly what I needed. I loved the reusable bag that came with my purchase. I would have liked to see more merchandise available, but I wasn’t needing much so I was happy with what I got. This place will definitely be in my mind in my future visits.

  5. Got there 10 minutes before they closed and the door was locked. When I looked inside the guy just looked and me and just shrugged his shoulders. If you are opened till ten then you should stay open till ten and not lock the doors early and just shrug your shoulders when people are trying to come in and give you business.

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