5 Replies to “Boulder Botanics – Recreational Marijuana Shops, Boulder”

  1. Went in today at 4:15 to buy some edibles. I go here because it’s right by King Soopers so it’s convenient, even though what I buy is $4 cheaper at Terrapin. Walk in, the door buzzer rings, no other customers or employees in sight, although I can hear (I think) three people laughing and chatting in the back. I wait 30 seconds or so, and in a pretty loud voice, say, “Anybody here?” Nothing. I wait another 30 seconds, “ANYBODY HERE?!?!?!” in a really loud voice. A short,fat guy with a beard and ponytail comes out and with a grumpy frown, says, “Be with you in a minute.” I say, “Bye” and walk out. I won’t ever go back. Why is the door even open if whatever they’re chatting about in back is more important than selling stuff to customers? Short fat might have kept me there had he been apologetic, but he was crabby. Off to Terrapin!

  2. This is my all-time favorite dispensary! I was actually being helped by one of the budtenders while the person from the previous review was screaming in the lobby- I don’t think he realized all of the employees were busy with customers and needed a moment to finish my transaction before checking him in as well (oops, sorry!)

    Regardless, this dispensary has everything: amazing budtenders and daily deals that give you 15% off of CBD, concentrate, and edibles! Why would you bother going anywhere else? Love it there!

  3. I absolutely love this dispensary everyone who works there is super friendly and sweet.

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