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  1. Monique was the ultimate agent! We live in another country and thought it was going to be a daunting task to sell from afar. Not with Monique! She handled every issue that arose THAT day, with professionalism and great ease. Monique navigated the process smoothly, including handling the handyman for repairs and having the home staged so that it would SELL. It was a very tricky home to sell as there is extensive repairs due to faulty construction and a lawsuit, yet she did it. Plus, she donates parts of her profits and Pedals to Properties, VERY Boulder!

  2. I recently purchased a multi-unit residential property as an investment , and Monique Cole acted as our buyers agent. I was incredibly impressed with Monique’s level of expertise related to income producing properties. This was our first time purchasing a property as an investment, and I felt confident that Monique was looking out for us every step of the way. I could count on her to be honest, and felt that through out the process she always had our best interests in mind. Overall Monique went above and beyond our expectations, and worked extremely hard to ensure that we got a good deal on the property that was right for us.

  3. Coolest and most professional Real Estate agents in town! (me being one of them, stop by and say Hi!). FREE Cruiser Bikes to use around town, pick one up out our Pearl St. office.

  4. Never once seen them pedal to a property, but I have experienced first hand their reluctance to conduct quality business.

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