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  1. Our A/C unit stopped working last week. It’s over 20 years old and we feared the worse. Miraculously Meyers was able to send a technician over today. He checked wires and components inside and then went to the outside unit where he found a defective capacitor which he quickly replaced. For less than $200 we have a working A/C, and while it could die at any time, it may still live some more years.

    We’ve used Meyers for heating and A/C service and replacement for many years and are always happy with their friendliness, service, expertise and cost.

  2. Great group! They took the time to clearly explain options before blindly charging us for work! 10/10 would definitely recommend!

  3. I couldn’t be more pleased with the installation of my York air conditioner. The technicians were very professional and efficient. They arrived exactly on time too. Jeff made sure I was completely comfortable with how the system worked before they left and said not to hesitate to call if I had any further questions. They installed it on a super hot day, and it was working beautifully that afternoon. Thanks!

  4. *** Ed personally messaged and apologized. Jill called me and refunded me.

    ****Unfortunately we have not had the greatest experience with Meyers. We installed a new HVAC system in 2016. We’ve had multiple instances all summer of our AC going out. It was a little scary since we had a newborn and were concerned about the heat of the home. We’ve had Meyers come out once (they were delayed by a few weeks) and couldn’t find anything wrong. Even though we have documented the following: Insulated pipe from outdoor unit to inside is not cold. The Fan outside does not blow hot. I called again today and a woman said that someone (may) be able to come out but they are fully booked. Our system should be running perfectly. It’s 2 years and a few months old and I would understand if it was 10 years old.

    Just frustrated with their lack of care.

  5. I had a horrible experience, don’t use these folks. They told me the cost is $85/hr with 1 hour min over the phone. Bill was here for 30 minutes and they charged me $127.50. I called Bill out on site, and he quickly backpedaled and edited the invoice to $85. I checked my bank statement, and they still charged me $127.50. The worst part, they didn’t actually do anything, they just changed my filter. They could have told me to do that over the phone first. These guys are out to extract money from you, not provide value. Go with someone else!

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