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  1. I have found Barday Plumbing to be knowledgeable and reliable and am about to call them again to help me with another issue.

  2. I have used Barday for a wide range of services including plumbing problems and heat issues. They are the best. Reliable service and true expertise when we had a complicated boiler issue.

  3. Mediocre plumbers, very expensive van drivers

    I’ve used Barday plumbing 4 times. All of the calls were for easy repairs or installing simple items like garbage disposals, kitchen sink faucets and a refrigerator water line. 3 of the 4 times the plumbers had to leave and “go back to the shop” because they did not have the right parts on the truck. They are plumbers who do not have things like pipes for under a kitchen sink or simple fittings.

    You end up paying them $140 an hour to drive back and forth from their shop because they show up unprepared. That is in addition to paying them $140/hour to drive to the job and also $140/hour to drive back to their shop. I’m not sure if NASCAR drivers make $140/hour.
    Even better was the time that they incorrectly installed some of the pipes on a garbage disposal, guess who paid for them to fix their mistake. At $140/hour they will take their time, leave once or twice to go back to shop and eventually get it done, all on your dime. If you complain, the fossil answering the phones will call you and yell at you.

    I’d go elsewhere for plumbers unless you like to waste your money.

  4. Serviceman did a great job fixing my swamp cooler after a pipe broke and flooded my ceiling. I will have him come back to drain my swamp cooler from now on!

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