5 Replies to “University of Colorado Museum of Natural History – Outdoor Things To Do, Boulder”

  1. Can’t really beat the price (free). There is however a fee for parking. We paid $1 on Sunday. Which is the all day price. For Sunday only. The pay machine takes all types of credit cards. Yes even American Express. The parking cost is higher on weekdays. It bills in $0.50 increments. Cash is excepted also. Beware no change given. They have a small gift shop type area. I really don’t recall what it was labeled. There are two separate areas for hands on activities for children. We found it nice that several of the things in the dinosaur room were ok for children to touch. Several areas had short informational videos. All between two and eight minutes. Definitely worth stopping to kill a hours or so while traveling with children.

  2. I wanted to see dinosaur bones and I saw dinosaur bones! The triceratops skull was awesome! I loved the diplodocus skull and the hadrosaur teeth, too. Really fun, interesting place to stop in and walk around and learn. It was very quiet and that made me so happy.

  3. The staff we’re all very friendly and the exhibits well put-together. Plus, it’s free! I highly recommend checking out this museum if you have little ones or just want to see a cool museum.

  4. superb staff great exhibits extremely helpful for research students and parents with young children.

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