5 Replies to “Settler’s Park – Outdoor Things To Do, Boulder”

  1. Seriously beautiful hiking area walking distance from downtown Boulder. While Chautauqua has more trails, this hike has a much more interesting and diverse scenery. It is breathtakingly beautiful and is typically less crowded than other hiking spots around town. This is hands down my favorite hiking area, I like the Red Rocks Trail a lot, but even better is the Anemone Trail. There is also the Sunshine Canyon Trail, which is more of a long walking trail. You can’t go wrong with any of the spots around Settler’s! Happy hiking:)

  2. A well-kept, clean park. Good for a walk or a picnic. Be aware that some of the trails can be tricky at times

  3. This place has some gorgeous hiking, right on the outskirts of Boulder! It’s also clear that it’s a local hangout spot. You’re allowed to scramble all over the rocks, which is a cool experience. Also a great place to come and watch the sunset over Boulder.

    The trails can be a little confusing, although it’s easy enough to find your way back to where you want to be. I wish I had more time to explore this little gem!

  4. Take a moment to hike up and watch the sunrise. It’s roughly 15-25 mins straight hike to a bench. Just be aware of surroundings.

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