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  1. Today I used NCAR for its parking lot and easy access to boulder open space hiking trails, as I’m sure many of the other reviews mention. While it’s always been a favorite spot, I’m sure usage has increased since boulder began restricting parking at the open space lots to county residents (jerks).

    Despite its quick, easy and free access to great hiking, you can’t overlook the research conducted here and its impact. The visitor center is open every day and a variety of tour options are available. The public can also access restrooms and the cafeteria.

  2. Part science museum with interactive displays and part live and functioning research center. This place is really fun if you are into learning about the science of the weather and atmosphere. The NCAR building is an iconic landmark in the city of Boulder and is celebrating its 50th year anniversary. The NCAR building is also a popular destination for hikers since it features many different trails within its property. The road that leads up to the building is a steep 710 ft climb that is also a sort of makeshift proving ground for cyclists. I enjoyed the many wonderful and memorable displays such as the one that makes clouds and you can touch and run your hands through, the one with the plunger bulb on top to simulate mainstream wind patterns and the crazy pendulum one by the stairs. Guided tours are offered every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at noon, but check their website to confirm. Our tour guide was monotone and droned on and on. but the tour is free. There is also a cafeteria to grab some lunch.

  3. This was an amazing fun informational interactive place to go and very kid friendly. Lots of exhibits that taught in an engaging way. I suggest going.

  4. Beautiful area, if anything, come for the views. Center was nice and entertaining, kids seemed to enjoy it!

  5. Great Place to learn about weather and climate, especially for kids older than 7.

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