5 Replies to “Chautauqua Park – Outdoor Things To Do, Boulder”

  1. A great place to say for vacations, family reunions or weddings. Makes gathering so easy. Comfortable cabins. Great eats at the dining hall. Enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner on the porch – maybe even happy hour. Hike right outside your door. Amazing views. Close to town. Very convenient.

  2. This is my favorite place to visit my self and with my family. I love the trails!! My kids love the park. There are amazing concerts and events. Great place to take pictures.

  3. I mean, it’s the Flatiron’s. You can’t buy a postcard or take a picture that doesn’t include one of the most iconic rock formations in Colorado if not the United States. If you want to see them up close, this is the place to start. Full disclosure, there are some seriously difficult hikes here. Yes, there are some seriously easy hikes too but don’t be stupid. We’re at a higher elevation and you’ll need to drink more water than you’re used to.

  4. Chautauqua Park is an excellent place to relax during Spring or Summer. On your trip to the area, not only can you enjoy hiking, but also a tasty lunch at the restaurant or feel free to bring a picnic along with you, as there are fresh lawns to spread out on and enjoy. Bring a few outdoor games along if you want. Not enough? Well there’s also a small museum explaining the ecosystem of the park with replicas of the creatures. All in all, Chautauqua Park is the ideal place to spend time with family and friends, and is an awesome area to scale during Spring and Summer!

  5. This place is a national icon. The heritage behind the development of the community is very interested and is something that should be preserved like Chautauqua is. Hiking right out of these small late 19th century bungalows is a real treat. You feel like your stepping back in time. The flatirons are right there out the back door, along with other great hikes like The Royal Arc. Highly recommended visiting here for the day or spending a night or two in the cottages.

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