5 Replies to “Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art – Outdoor Things To Do, Boulder”

  1. Cool place to check out. The space is decent size and if you like the featured artist then you can probably spend just under an hour here. Also it’s just $1 to enter.

  2. “WestRail SinoWalk” is clearly not an artist and clearly has no regard for people with schizophrenia; neither of which have to do with the fact that this museum is a cool place to have in Boulder. A lot of the art scene in Boulder is kind of monotonous and, as a contemporary expressionist painter, I am happy that I can go somewhere local and have a taste of some international-feeling inspiration!

  3. We had a Bar Mitzvah there. Not only is the venue fabulous, but the service and assistance throughout the planning and the event were seamless! Thank you Steven Riley!

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