3 Replies to “Banjo Billy’s Bus Tours – Outdoor Things To Do, Boulder”

  1. A unique tour for Denver! I loved the bus (although the shocks could use some work) and the tour itself was good. I sat with my daughter in a comfy arm chair near the back of the bus where the couch is. Covered alot in Denver and made stops while the tour guide shared stories. I wish she would have talked a little louder as sometimes we couldn’t hear the punchlines and felt left out when the others laughed. The saddle is not in a good spot as it is inches from the front of another chair so when a guest was requested to ride on the saddle, you could see that it not only infringed on another rider’s leg room but then she could only see the side of this guy right in her face. You could tell she was uncomfortable. Otherwise, totally worth it. Just make sure to arrive early to get a good seat!

  2. I love history. This tour is fun history. It was quite an experience. I definitely recommend this tour if you like to have some quirky fun.

  3. Quite informative tour of Downtown Denver on a kitschy converted school bus. It’s an open air vehicle so be prepared for that in extreme temps or precipitation.
    The meeting spot was convenient and easy to find, the ticket ordering process was a breeze and the seats were comfortable.
    The tour guide was charming and knowledgeable, and was willing to answer any questions we had when she was able. She also gave tidbits on things we could do outside the tour.
    Well worth the money spent!

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