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  1. My friend and I took a balloon ride last weekend and it was an amazing experience! The crew even served us coffee and breakfast before the flight (yogurt, berries, and granola – yum!) while they were setting up the balloon. There were a few couples also along for the ride and I was concerned how we would all fit in the basket however once we were in it, there was actually plenty of room for everyone. I recommend dressing in layers because the morning was cold but it was very warm in the basket when the burners were on. I’m a little bit afraid of heights so I was kind of concerned about the ride however I was pleasantly surprised that the height did not bother me at all! The ride was super smooth and the pilot was very professional and informative (and hot!). The landing wasn’t scary and it was fun to toast with champagne with everyone after the flight!

  2. This was the first time I have taken a hot air balloon ride and it was amazing. We ended up having a total of 6 people in the balloon, which left enough space to move in the basket a bit and look all around.

    Since I went on a beautiful winter day, we got to go particularly high up and had great views of Boulder and Rocky Mountain National Park. I also enjoyed getting involved in the balloon prep, i.e. helping to hold the balloon open while it was being filled. It was cool to see the whole process getting the balloon ready to fly. It was a fun mix of exhilaration and relaxation since you never know quite where you’ll end up!

    Service was professional. We got started on time and taken quickly back to the launch site after landing.

  3. Wonderful experience, great customer service, had a blast! My wife got this for me for my birthday. Had a nice, simple breakfast at the launch (granola, yogurt, fresh fruit, fresh-brewed coffee and tea). Four different companies launched at that site that morning, but we clearly had the best-looking balloon of them all. The entire crew is very friendly, professional and fun, and the pilot in particular (Colin) was awesome. We went at least 3500 feet up (I think we hit 3700). As luck had it, very little wind that day, but that’s hardly the fault of the company. We did make some distance despite that, amazing views of the mountains, of Boulder, saw downtown Denver and even Pike’s Peak (!) in the distance! Took may great pictures and a few digital movies. Three other couples went up with me, we all had plenty of room. After landing and returning to launch site, we enjoyed a celebratory toast with mimosas. I highly recommend this company!

  4. Kevin is great. Had some trouble getting off the ground, but things happen. Once we were up, the flight was great and longer than advertised. Keep in mind that you are sharing the basket with people not in your group, so expect that. Also even in the early morning (in July) it was really warm. We were glad we forgot our coats! We were definitely happy we went with the “little guy” rather than the big company in the area. This flight made me want a hot air balloon of my own!

  5. went this morning and had Kevin as our pilot. he definitely made you feel more at ease with his personality. the views were amazing and I would definitely recommend this company

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