5 Replies to “Village Green Society – Medical Marijuana, Boulder”

  1. Nice location. Friendly staff. Prices are a little above average and product quality is a little below average. Emphasis on healthy pedigree in products can be detrimental to a good high.

  2. Awesome staff. Great bud and edible selection. New rewards program is making this place even sweeter. My go to Boulder dispensary.

  3. Amazing customer service best place I’ve been in the area by far. A must stop in for future trips. Snow cap is amazing(seasonal).

  4. Super friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and passionate staff really set this place apart from the rest.

  5. The staff was awesome but I would be lying if I said that the product was even slightly worth it. If your a “recreational” smoker and by that I mean smoke on rare occasion then of course the first place you stop at is gonna be an awesome experience. But from me personally… The product was as much as I’ve payed black market in illegal states. 60 to 85 an eighth. I’m sorry but in today’s day and age that is way to much. You can spend an extra 15 and get and ounce from other places. That’s 7x the amount for another 15 bucks. On top of that the product is nooooooooooooooooooooooo where near the prices. Very mediocre and sourced from different locations. Who ever they are buying wholesale from is not bringing top notch product but considering they pick the product they sell it’s their fault. I’m sorry but if your not about to hurl after smelling a jar then it’s not top shelf. Top shelf should be so strong that you can’t barely smell it. Any cannabis for that matter. The product is a complete fail in my opinion. Along with the prices. I can promise I will never set foot in that place again untill I see every 1/8 going for 50 max and the product improve. I’m sorry guys, great people but I can’t trick myself into believing that is the best you ladies and gents can do. Put it this way I’ve had mid grade that is better than this bud. Constructive criticism! 2 stars for efforts.

    _______________________________________________________________________Just because you said Im an x employee I am now giving a 1 star. Nice job trying to lie to people. I have never worked in this store and would absolutely never want to have my name associated with this place other than writing this review. I am giving you permission to show my non existent application for all too see so you can prove it. And since you cant because it doesn’t exist the only thing your going to prove is how phony you really are. Unfortunately google isnt going to cover for you.

    Save your money and go some where else.

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