5 Replies to “The Honey Cellar – Medical Marijuana, Boulder”

  1. This place is wonderful, first visited today and to my surprise its wax Wednesday. The staff was super amazing, I believe it was Caroline and Tom that helped me (I hope I got your names right) Caroline showed me each product I was interested in and her personal favorites. She took her time to help me and answer any questions. Tom brought over a suggestion that was lovely and exactly what I was looking for. They were the best! 5/5 will be returning for sure!!!

  2. Pretty solid dispensary. The staff was pretty cool but the prices were a bit stiff. For a name like The Honey Cellar, there are definitely other dispos in the Boulder/Denver area with a wider selection of concentrates.

  3. One of Boulder’s best-kept secrets. Once I found this place, I’ve rarely shopped elsewhere. Their live resin is what brought me there, and it’s fire, but now that I’ve smoked their flower I started to come back more and more. It’s got the kind of flavor I rarely find around town, and never for the price. Staff is always on point, super friendly and they actually know what they’re talking about

  4. This is one of my favorite dispensaries in town! They have a great selection and the budtenders are some of the friendliest people I’ve met in Boulder! Their Live Resin is amazing and well priced, and all their flower tastes amazing. This is where i send all my friends and anyone visiting Colorado! Definitely worth checking out if you like nice product for a great price!

  5. This places is amazing and the staff is really friendly, caring, funny, outgoing, all around amazing people here. The product also great for the prices worth checking out if you are ever in boulder Colorado. A must try for pain is sum cbd rub it saved my life after open heart surgery only a full pain pill and two half no more pain pills because of sum cbd rub

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