5 Replies to “The Farm Recreational Marijuana Dispensary – Medical Marijuana, Boulder”

  1. They are SO helpful and know what is going to help out with sleeping etc. Also with what works best for you. It’s laid back and comfortable looking around. I also recommend the Root, their medical division. I use both locations and recommend both.

  2. Today the staff forgot to put my name on their list and I got skipped by a few people ahead of me. I know this sounds like a complaint, but the treatment I received after a blunder that could happen to anyone was amazing. What a wonderful staff and atmosphere. Oh yeah, the herb is the best grown strains in Boulder.

  3. Great Management and service. I started going here last April because I felt the service and support I received at my go to dispensary was lack luster. I was constantly overcharged, help was a bit pretentious, etc.. I have been going to the farm ever since that first visit.

    I had an issue this past week which was totally my fault. I called to ask some questions and told Rachael who was on the line what happened. I went in later that night and wasn’t even going to mention it but they had put a note in my account. When I was asked about the issue they decided to help me out anyway and replaced the item I had destroyed with my own stupidity.

    Thanks so much. I knew I started coming here for a reason, and will continue to drive the extra 20 minutes to get to you.

  4. I like their location for convenience, but they are pricey.

    Edit: I’d have given them an extra star for trying to reach out, but throwing other bros for their ‘dirt weed’ is a bit much.

    Specifics: Elements has the best deals on distillates carts in town, especially on Thursdays. They also do a $100 oz everyday and have a good early bird deals. Trill usually has better prices on shatter. Native Roots is cheaper on the soda. Look everyone’s got their deals; just chill out a bit.

    Edit 2: After consistently going in the morning for the early bird and my med discount for a couple weeks. I was informed this morning that I can’t get both discounts. You guys need some consistency here.

  5. Pretty sweep pot shop. Awesome glass. The prices are above average for Boulder. Quality is excellent. I think it’s the best quality smoke in Boulder. Sometimes the staff are awesome, sometimes they can be rude. Overall 4 stars. My second choice for dispenarys in Boulder.

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