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  1. This store has one of the best customer services I have ever experienced. I walked in and i felt really comfortable everyone was really friendly and polite and very knowledgeable. I had the wonderful experience with Miranda, . I have been to a few other dispensary’s and none can compare to this store and it’s team I recommend you everyone shops here and if you have no knowledge and need help then I suggest Miranda she was very helpful thank you

  2. Used to love this place, used to go all the time. The price was simply the best in town for the quality, the atmosphere was always pleasant and enjoyable even when their lobby was full. All that’s changed over the last few months. Where their budget buds used to be high quality for a low price, its now all outdoor, low quality, mildew smelling buds and ALWAYS the same three strains. Their top and mid shelves aren’t much better, they tend to be from the same growers and sometimes you’ll use all your loyalty points that you saved up for weeks on a top shelf strain only to come in the next week and it’s on budget. Really disappointing. And bugs in the concentrates? That’s just gross. The last few times I was there I was treated so rudely by the bud tender that helped me. She seemed to get annoyed with me when I told her I wasn’t interested and wanted something good but she barely seemed to know anything about the stuff she was selling. And I’m told she’s a manager. What happened to all your good bud tenders? I’ve found a new shop where I’m treated well and I won’t be coming back.

  3. Love this place! I have been shopping here for a couple of years. Most recently it is the only place I go now. I love the atmosphere and all the budtenders. I have been to other places where either they are rude or don’t seem to know anything or more likely both. It couldn’t be further from that at Magnolia. Everyone is super friendly and they are truly knowledgeable. They make recommendations based on what I like, but will also thoroughly answer any questions I have. The selection is always amazing and the prices really good. They have all my favorite edibles (at better prices than other stores.) And I cannot express how awesome their bud is! There are always so many choices and I can easily get exactly what I am looking for, plus I usually can’t resist trying something new. It is def my shop of choice and I bring all my out of town friends here too. Love Magnolia Rd!

  4. Hmmmm what can i say about Magnolia…. Well to start I would like to say my wallet really appreciates the fact that Magnolia Lowers the top shelf to the budget shelf. (that way I can finally buy the flower I’ve been eye balling. I LOVE IT!) Every-time I go into this dispensary the staff is always so nice!! They remember my name and really make me feel at home. I sometimes struggle in between pay checks so the fact that I can walk into this dispensary and tell them how much I have to spend and they always give me the best stuff for my buck, I really appreciate that!! I absolutely love the fact that they have concentrates for so cheap with such great quality. I have never had any problems with anything I have ever bought from Magnolia Road.The last time I went in Miranda helped me out and she was super nice! The security guard Dan always keeps a good conversation while we are waiting. I will always wait to get into this dispensary their prices are the best prices I have ever seen! Thanks Magnolia Road you guys seriously rock!!! You’ve earned a customer FOR LIFE!!

  5. I absolutely love magnolia road, they have efficient staff and a wide variety of products. I especially love the online ordering option for a quick and easy pick up. Today I was helped by a lovely woman by the name of Emily:) she was very personable as she grabbed my product and rung me out. She truly made my day brighter by her warm presence and sweet smile. I definitely recommend going in and seeing Emily, she will take good care of you

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