5 Replies to “Helping Hands Herbals – Medical Marijuana, Boulder”

  1. Came through when we were stopped in Boulder for a couple nights, have to say I’m disappointed. I was hoping to rely on the expertise of the staff, I’m fairly new to dispensaries. Spent $18 on a gram as the options they provided were slim, expensive and turns out a waste of money. After looking it up on Leafly I found it’s high THC and has a negative side of paranoia, the exact opposite of what I was asking for. I’m probably just going to junk it because I don’t know what else to do. Just do your research before coming in, I feel like I was being sold something more than being helped out.

  2. 11/10 would recommend fresh organic amazing medicine. Always top quality. All the staff is friendly and welcoming!

  3. Was in Denver for concert a year ago all of the stores couldn’t help. They all said the same Helping hands in boulder. They were correct will soon be enjoying the flowers of that 7 day vacation and planning a trip for next year.

  4. After working here for a couple years it’s very easy to notice these people do not care about you or the product. They are NPCs who do not stand for the flag and will fire people who support it or our country. They are nothing but social justice warriors who also have a plethora of poor and illegal practices (in and out of the garden) and terrible management. If you love this great country I encourage you to support any other shop.

  5. Might as well buy Cigs from the closest corner store – they sell Blunts at $35 but they are really worth MAYBE like $5…total rip off….maybe a good deal if you are a tourist who doesn’t know any better…

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