5 Replies to “Drift – Recreational Marijuana Dispensary – Medical Marijuana, Boulder”

  1. Been going here for over a year. The owner Brian is really cool and Sam and the rest of the staff are awesome. They always look out and of course the product is great.

  2. This place has a OZ deal before 10 am that’s the best in town. Usually I’m out the door for $89-$108 for a high quality OZ. And they will mix and match which many don’t do on OZ deals. Great workers – everyone really friendly. Great locals place. Legit. I saw some comments below about rude staff and such. I’ve been coming here every two weeks for the last year and I have NEVER had a bad experience (maybe those people are carrying around some darkness inside). I did witness them being very respectful and kind to a homeless man spending his last cent on bud. They treated him with dignity that any human deserves. They were kind to my dog too! A really great dispensary.

  3. We have visited this dispensary on several occasions. Every team member is awesome and very knowledgeable about their products. The flowers are high quality, fresh, and at great prices. You will not be disappointed. Please do not confuse Drift with other nearby dispensaries!!

  4. THEY MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE A CRIMINAL!! I have never experienced what I have experienced here before. I was on the phone with my Dad in the lobby and was told to get off the phone because there were cameras. All the employees surrounded me in a circle and accused me of getting pot for a minor? I was talking to my Dad who is a senior citizen. I was told they had cameras and could tell I was talking on the phone. They said cops were coming and I could not leave. I left in disbelief as I was treated like a criminal when I was 100% innocent. Stay away from this place unless you want to be very mistreated.

  5. This place is awesome. Amazing customer service, the employees are knowledgeable and very friendly, the products are amazing and the price point is fantastic. Whoever gives this place a bad review is either lying or completely brain dead because this is the best dispensary I have ever been to.

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