5 Replies to “Valmont Bike Park – Indoor Things To Do, Boulder”

  1. Great bike park with something for everyone!! Fun for kids from 5 to 85 🙂 Fun trials stuff. XC style course. Slope style area. And pump tracks are all available for all ability levels. Go ride there!!

  2. Great place to get on some trails without having to go too far. Well maintained and tracks for all levels! I’m new so I tend to stay towards the easier ones. Every “challenge” (going over logs, rocks, etc) has a bail track so you only have to do the ones you want.

    Plenty of parking, restrooms, water fountains, and a self repair bike station. Oh, and a popular dog park!

  3. The park is taken care of phenomenally and it is very expansive. They have everything you might want from beginner courses and trails to expert jump trails. Very fun place to go mess around for a couple hours if you have a bike suitable for dirt. They also have restrooms at the park which is nice.

  4. Amazing park. The best outdoor bmx park we have found. Extremely well keep facility. Staff was helpful. We came up from Arizona to ride the park, definitely not disappointed.

  5. One of the best bike parks . They have multiple dirt tracks and as long as you can actually ride a bike no matter your skill level there is a track for you . It is extremely exhilarating I could ride there all day every day .

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