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  1. As an adult I wanted to learn how to snowboard. The facilities are great and allow for me to get acquainted with snowboarding and learning the basics. The trainers are very patient and knowledgeable. They were accommodating to my work schedule and we coordinated a good time for me that allowed for one-on-one training.

    I highly recommend Shredder for anyone of any age learning to ski or snowboard. Along with the desire to hone your skills.

  2. My 7 year old son desired to learn to snowboard. We researched where he could do this. Our son took an 8 week snowboard class and we loved his coaches from the very beginning! The coaches are very patient and explain the nuances of the sport in ways that the children can grab it easily. Each week our son improved and looked forward to going to the class.

    The school desires for the children to become self-sufficient so that they don’t rely on the parents to be at their beckoning constantly on the slopes.

    The school/company is run very well and is quite family friendly. They are growing at a fast rate and improving their facilities all the time. We are very pleased with Shredder and recommend it to anyone.

    Thank you, Shredder!

  3. We’ve really enjoyed the ski/snowboard classes that Shredder’s offers. They do a great job of creating a fun learning environment for everyone. Great after-school activity!

  4. Just started a couple weeks ago with my almost 2.5 year old and so far he’s loving it. It’s quite a large group for how little they are (I think the youngest is around 15 months) but it’s well organized and the balance, ski, and snowboarding areas don’t feel too crowded. Equipment is provided (but you can use your own) so it’s easy to get out the door in the morning by just grabbing the diaper bag, which is important for busy parents. They practice snowboarding and skiing, both on hills and flat areas, to get them use to the different types of travel involved with a day on the slopes. Friendly instructors, Brooks and Piero.

  5. EXCELLENT VALUE 4 QUALITY LESSONS! We took both our boys here. Such a great place. The difference in our son’s skiing ability was incredible. Also love their focus on off mtn gear handling etc. They have great equipment, facilities, and people. Love these guys! Totally worth it if you want to actually ski with your kids on the mountain and not just send them to wildly overpriced day care/ski school.

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