5 Replies to “Gateway Park Fun Center – Indoor Things To Do, Boulder”

  1. My son and I love this place for mini golf. They take pretty good care of this place. Few holes could use some work. Hopefully they will fix the tee off areas a little better. Prices aren’t too bad. We always get there early to beat the crowds.

  2. Best batting cages in Boulder. It would be nice if they used standard softballs so O could practice with my own bat. The extra hard balls will destroy a good bat.

  3. This place is cool! It’s a little retro but in a good way and kept pretty clean. Prices are not bad and lots to do even if it’s a bit random. Out on the edge of Boulder and just a fun place! Where else can you play mini golf, skee ball, hit some baseballs, eat a pretzel, drive some golf balls and go-karts all in one place?

  4. A little, local amusement park that has seen better days, but is still fun. My kids beg me to take them here & I give in about 3 times a year. The best part is the large go-karts which go fast enough to be pretty fun, though you need to take your smaller kids in a 2-seater. They can’t go on their own until they’re close to 5′ tall. There are also tiny go carts for small children. There’s a dilapidated maze that feels kind of creepy, especially as it gets to be dusk. The outside portions of the park, especially back where the maze is, usually lack any kind of supervision. There are batting cages that get pretty heavy use. There are 2 mini gold courses which are great. A little shabby in places but actually pretty well maintained with pretty landscaping and water features and huge animals. Inside is an arcade with skee ball, etc., you get tickets for and exchange for the typical junk that makes you feel like you traded $20 in tokens for 4 cents of parachute guys and punching balloons. But we keep going back!
    It’s campy, it’s dated, but it’s cute and there’s something nostalgic about it. While it’s a little run down in places, you can also tell that they must be doing well enough to keep putting money into it, as they manage to keep getting new games and maintaining the mini golf. Worth a visit.

  5. Came on a weekday. Staff was super nice. It was quiet. We got the value punch card for $32 and our family of three split it. Hubby enjoyed the driving range while the kid and I did our thing for a bit. Definitely will be back.

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