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  1. We have enjoyed working with the Timberline Mechanical team from ‘top to bottom’. They have replaced a lot of roof top units and provide quality service for us over the years.

  2. A representative came by to discuss several items one of which was to replace a thermostat. He later emailed a quote for all the work with costs for the labor and materials. When it came time to schedule the work several weeks later I got a call from someone new who quoted a price that was 3X what I had in writing- Unbelievable! When I questioned that the explanation was that the person who initially came out worked for another department and that the person who would actually be doing the work may end up charging less than the 3X price depending on how complex the installation of the 5 wire typically DIY thermostat installation ended up being. How big and silo’ed can an HVAC company in Colorado be that these people don’t talk to each other and work off of the same information provided to their customers? I also got the impression that the original person who I spoke to was really only interested in replacing my entire fan coil unit at a cost of several thousand dollars whether it needed it or not instead of performing the minor service that may be needed at some point.

  3. These guys are absolutely wonderful to work with! Our heater wasn’t working the other morning, and they fixed it in a timely manner. It works perfectly now. The technicians are knowledgeable, thorough, and explain what they are doing to get the job done. You will be hard pressed to find a better HVAC company to work with. They are honest, fairly priced and on time.

  4. Our Timberline HVAC technician has excellent knowledge of HVAC systems and knows the equipment on our property well.

    My overall experience with Timberline Mechanical is Excellent!

    I recently called our tech Mike Sanchez about an issue. He was available to schedule a repair the next day and was completed with the project within two days. That’s great timing considering he removed and replaced 30′ of pipe and fit it into the existing piping on our property.

    After he was finished the area that he worked on looks professional and best of all, not leaking.

    Mike gives me detailed information about what he does and why so I can pass it on to my HOA board of directors.

    He is always friendly and approachable. We have a great working relationship. He calls me when he is finished with repairs so that I am comfortable and satisfied with the job.


  5. Had Timberline Mechanical install a Mini Slip System in my Business Office. Timberline Mechanical handled everything from the Special Work Permit, the electrical, custom installation and everything.

    Before I decided to go with Timberline I was considering various options including using different contractors to accomplish the install. Boy am I glad I just went with Timberline. Smooth install from start to finish and problems with the inspection to satisfy the permit.

    It has now been almost 3 years and my Mini – Slip System is working just like the day they installed it- perfect, quiet efficient, and icy-cold for hot days and toasty warm when I need a little heat in the office when it is cold outside. Hands down Timberline did an amazing job, and in the end absolutely was the very best choice. Just tickled pink and I am sure you will too if you call.

    Special thanks to JOHN and the whole crew at Timberline Mechanical.

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