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  1. Hi, Ive lived in boulder for about 3 years dealing with apt rental companies like boulder property management and fowler property management and I have to say Sherrelwood Sevices (with fowler property management as well) blow any other house maintenance/ service providers out of the water. The response time to any problem is where they strive most. I will literally call in a water heater problem or a broken light fixture problem and they will be here in 30 MIN sometimes! 95% of the time its in the same day. I highly recommend sherrelwood services!

  2. When I first bought my rental condominium I hired Fowler, who also owns Sherrelwood. Fowler gave me fraudulent receipts – carpet, paint, cleaning – they didn’t do anything but charged me for everything. They also performed non-existent inspections and charged me. These are crooks. They arrived in small claims court with photoshopped photos. They communicated with the judge visually. I had my court date an all – and all of a sudden, although it was previously ok – now the judge declared that the date for this law suit has passed. Not sure what they promised him, but avoid both Fowler and Sherrelwood to avoid scam.

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