5 Replies to “Norm’s Plumbing & Heating – HVAC Companies, Boulder”

  1. I had another plumber come out to look at my dripping faucet (Precision) and they quoted me $700 if I wanted a quick fix and over $3000 to really do it right. Norm’s gave me directions over the phone that took 5 minutes and cost nothing. Honesty is worth more than gold.

  2. Our water heater was just fixed by Norm’s. I wish I could remember the name of the man who fixed it. Great, quick service. Thought we needed an entirely new water heater, but the repairman simply fixed some wiring and replaced some pipes to stop a leak. He was very pleasant and I would not hesitate to recommend Norm’s to a friend.

  3. I could not be happier with the service that Norm’s — Ernie — provides! Ernie is super pleasant, really good and efficient, shows up when promised, or calls if there’s a delay AND pointed me to a great money-saving and water-saving toilet replacement program. These guys are great! Thanks Ernie!

  4. I had the extreme displeasure of driving in front of norms plumbing van. He started merging into my lane and nearly drove me off the road to avoid hitting him and tailgated me for 8 miles after that. If this is a representation of the character behind this company I will never refer or recommend them. You should be professional at every moment when representing your company not driving aggressively causing problems.

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