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  1. The pros: they came out the day after I called. The people on the phone were very nice. The technician was very nice.

    The cons: (and the reason we won’t be using them again) They charged $50 to come out and take a look (fine but steeper than other places) and then they charged us an additional $150 for “diagnostics” which only told us that the source of the leak “may be” the faulty caulking in the shower. Not even a guarantee. And we have to redo it ourselves. $200 for a person to come out and tell us what may or may not be the problem. They warned us about the $50 on the phone, but not that. I would 100% recommend going somewhere else.

  2. I had a really great experience with Mesa. Jason was very courteous and did excellent work. The office staff was helpful and made scheduling a breeze. Pricing was very reasonable and workmanship was excellent. I would strongly recommend Mesa.

  3. These guys are the best. Very honest, which is not always easy to find. You can trust their advice. Also the rates are reasonable for professionals.

  4. My parents (elderly) decided to take on the task of installing a new gas stove. About 3/4 of the way through the project they realized they were over their head’s and called me. I couldn’t get there myself and had visions of gas leaking throughout my parent’s house.
    I called Mesa and asked for help. Allie in the office was so helpful and got a tech out that day to help my parent’s finish the job safely.
    My Mom said the tech was very helpful and they felt better having a professional check the gas and make sure it was correctly installed.
    I will use Mesa again for any issues that arise for my parents and was so grateful to have them help in a bind when I couldn’t be there myself.

  5. I work as a maintenance supervisor for a rehab center in Boulder, and I rely on these guys for projects that are over my head for repair. Every time I’ve called them they’ve made adjustments to their schedule to get someone out to me ASAP. I’m impressed, it’s been a very hot, busy summer. it’s also a pleasure to speak with their dispatchers on the phone.
    The nature of my work keeps me very busy; I don’t always have time to figure out how AC’s and furnaces do what they do….. I’m really happy with how Mesa treats me. And they always get the job done.

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