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  1. I just priced an installation of a $359 gas water heater for my elderly mother in Boston. We used Home Depot 9 years ago for the same size unit when Home Depot controlled their installations from the store, and it wasn’t some other division or what ever it is now. The cost back then was $250 plus the cost of the water heater- all in all $569 dollars.
    Now: theywant ***$1000**** for the INSTALLATION ALONE? This is OUTRAGEOUSLY OVERPRICED. Obviously, I’ll be taking our business to an independent, local contractor… where I should’ve started to begin with !

  2. Fair prices and a big selection. I coordinated a carpet estimate from here and had great service from the employee at the store as well as our estimator.

  3. Home Depot’s FREE KITCHEN DESIGN SERVICES — Let our expert designers handle all your kitchen planning – be very careful, as you are paid in FULL upfront with ZERO recourse when things go wrong or not delivered to your satisfaction – even after 6+ months in our case! We don’t know very many US public companies that conduct business this way or when things go wrong don’t step up to try making it right for the customer.
    Home Depot in Boulder subcontracted our kitchen remodel order out to several of their business partners (for cabinets, stone work & installations) who dropped the ball multiple times for varying reasons and Home Depot was helpless when it came to managing their business partner’s substandard scheduling, works & pathetic customer service. We will never recommend them for ‘this’ service. It comes with a substantial risk to your peace of mind, quality of work & money.
    We hope Home Depot reconsiders this offering, their partnership with their business partners (Hampton Bays) and in the Denver region (HOM Solutions & Front Range Stone) or they are equally if not more complicit.

  4. BUYER BEWARE! These are brand new windows from the Home Depot installed by Home Depot at home services. These new windows allow for a ton of moisuture to come inside the window and then ice builds up on the inside of the window. this DID NOT happen on my windows from 1965 but does on my brand new 2016 windows. These windows are garbage. The windows are under warranty but the Home Depot customer service department is so horrible I did not receive a call back after 4 phone calls to their at home services department. Going in the store was a waste of time. Ryszard Tomtas, the window salesman, is a real scum bag. I called him and he tells me “inch thick ice build up on the inside of a window will happen to any window, it is basic physics.” Obviously not true since the non Home Depot windows in my house from 1965 do not have this problem. Don’t waste your money on Home Depot windows. They suck. I am going to file a small claims lawsuit against Home Depot for selling me worthless windows and failing to honor their warranty.

  5. Not only will I never shop at the Boulder Home Depot ever again, I won’t even shop at a different location.Not even for lightbulbs. Home Depot has lost my business for life.
    We hired them to design our kitchen, which was our first mistake. The designer never came to our home; she merely relied on faulty measurements and photos taken by another Home Depot employee.They hire contractors for installations, and they absolve themselves of any responsibility. So if you think you’re protected because they are “bonded and insured”, they aren’t. Their contractors are, but they typically take the lowest bidding company in town, so you’re not getting very skilled workers in your home.
    Their contractor sent a low-skilled worker to install kitchen cabinets, who then cut the water line to our fridge, which was not noted on the work order, and replaced it with a plastic hose incorrectly. When our water was turned back on, well after he left our house, it popped off the back of the fridge and flooded our home. We had to get our floors replaced, through our own home insurance because Home Depot and the contractor refused to take responsibility, citing that the worker did not write down on the form that he cut the hose. He was questioned about it later, and lied. The contractor told us they couldn’t let go of every worker they had complaints about because then they wouldn’t have any workers left. The contractor is willfully allowing workers to stay on after they damage customers’ homes. The Boulder store manager was equally appalling in his conduct, and we complained to corporate, but they were not the least bit concerned.
    The damage took a year to fix, the countertops are not installed correctly, and we hired a different company to install our new flooring.
    If you are considering hiring Home Depot for design or installation of any sort, I strongly urge you to reconsider. I waited a year to write a review, hoping they would do the right thing and at least reimburse us for our $500 home insurance deductible. The anguish alone wasn’t worth it. Go somewhere else.
    Side note – since this traumatic experience occurred, we have purchased new flooring for other parts of our home, a new washer and dryer, and other appliance/tools/household items from other retailers in the area. By refusing to do the right thing, Home Depot has lost thousands of dollars from our household alone, not to mention the dozen other households of friends and family who have since heeded our warning. Good luck on your home improvements. I hope no one ever has to go through what we went through.

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