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  1. We had Matthew and Jon over a few days ago to clear our tree roots out! They were great workers who were not leaving before they had out water running again reguardless of how long it took! A nice and determined crew! Will call again for any plumbing or pipe problems!

  2. We have worked with Bernie’s for a number of years for all sorts of jobs and repairs, and while we have always been happy with the work performed (they are responsive, good service), I am now giving a low-star review because as a consumer, we deserve to know when a company also provides a good value or not, or when we feel we are unfairly ripped off.

    I called Bernie’s about replacing a filter that plumbing supply stores would not sell to me directly, but quoted me as in the $30-$70 range for the part (which I could have replaced myself, had I been able to buy it, according to the plumber to originally installed it but was unavailable to replace). The serviceman came, and replaced the part in a matter of minutes. I was charged $354, presented in an ambiguous invoice. When I called to understand more, it was explained that the part was $150+ and I was charged for an hour of labor $155. Again, I have no issue with the quality of the service, however I can no longer recommend Bernie’s in good faith, because when I recommend a company to others, it is important to be satisfied with the product or the work as well as not feel like you are being ripped off. I simply had no idea I would be charged $354 to unscrew and replace a filter I couldn’t purchase directly. Personally, I would have thought that as a client, Bernie’s would have at least disclosed these costs, as our conversation and my additional research certainly implied that this was a small and simple replacement.

    After I called, the price of the part was somehow lowered and I received an invoice for $30 less. However, I am disappointed in this experience, and I can no longer recommend Bernie’s because I don’t feel I was treated very fairly as a customer. Again, I have had other good experiences working with Bernie’s but I feel strongly enough now that I choose to use my voice as a consumer to communicate that Bernie’s is not a good value- in fact I feel quite ripped off.

  3. We love the efficient and good work the technicians from Bernie’s Plumbing do! We were scheduled to have our problem worked on in a few days. The scheduler called today and Leroy showed up in about 30 minutes and installed new faucets and hoses to our washer in less than 30 minutes. He answered some other plumbing questions and left us enjoying his friendly demeanor.

  4. If $155 per hour isn’t enough, they also have $100 up charges on parts that cost $84 at home depot. When I asked why the up charge, they said, “that’s what we charge for that part” then asked where we looked. I said, “I matched the exact unit and it was at home Depot for 100 less and that’s retail.”

  5. Good plumbing work, ASTRONIMICAL PRICES. For more than 14 years I used Bernie’s (and the company they acquired a few years ago) at multiple properties I manage. I will no longer use them. Today when I questioned why a pretty small sprinkler repair cost $340 and asked for an invoice with a break down of labor and parts information I was told they were not willing to do that. The bill in dispute today, even after backing out the labor fee and a bloated fee for parts (66% mark-up), was $33 more than it should’ve been. If Bernie’s itemized their bills they would not be able to hide accounting errors like this. The lack of transparency regarding billing and charging make them a bad choice for my company.

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