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  1. Nice lobby with friendly, helpful front desk staff. Unfortunately, that was the only part of the hotel that we truly liked.

    We stayed in early August. Both swimming pools (one indoor, one outdoor) were closed. The landscaping was populated with far more weeds than desirable plantings or grass. The elevator on our wing emitted a loud, unsettling BANG whenever it started moving upward. The hallways were outdated and dirty. From what I heard from other guests, we were lucky to have a working ice machine on our floor. The rooms were okay, but in need of a remodel. Our shower constantly varied between uncomfortably hot to uncomfortably cold without rhyme or reason, and had to be set to the coldest setting to avoid being scalded.

    The hotel was in a nice area, easy to get to, and a few blocks from the Pearl Street walk. However, my wife and I will find another place to stay for our next Boulder visit.

  2. The hotel is a solid three star hotel..and …its an older hotel….if you go into it expecting an older 3 star hotel then u won’t be disappointed… beds are very comfortable and clean. room-wise the carpets and bathrooms def need an overhaul…the hallways and elevators as well… the staff working are always pleasant and helpful, but it seems that there is probably not enough staff scheduled regularly to attend to a high guest volume ….which is to be expected in an older hotel that likely is waiting to be bought up by a larger company. Overall the hotel is in a great location… relative walking distance from pearle street mall… and definite walking distance from shops and restaurants in the immediate area…including a bus stop coming/going from Denver. It is a decent place stay as long as u aren’t expecting the Hilton. When you’re visiting somewhere like boulder, how much are u really in the hotel? I will say It is a bit pricey though for what it is…but ..location is everything I guess..and I’m sure the prices were inflated for move in week at the college…which is why we were there.

  3. They did a fantastic job and took care of me very well and nicely. I think it’s a very nice and cozy place right next to the university. Perfect for our group who came to learn and and practice NLP. They have a restaurant and tennis courts. It would be good for families too.

  4. Loved my stay. Great price for being in Boulder. Beautiful trees and walk down to the creek behind the hotel. The pool(s) seemed to be defunct, but I had a comfy bed and Boulder is beautiful.

  5. Expansive property with good amenities, Fabulous views, and easy access to the entire town. Also a very comfy robe! If I could be a little critical of one thing it would be that the property could use updating in areas to bring a more congruent feel not just to the hotel but to the growing area. Overall excellent stay with fabulous hospitality and I would gladly come back again.

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