5 Replies to “Great Clips – Hair Salons, Boulder”

  1. Cori spent about 10 minutes cutting my hair. She was going so fast it was scary to watch as I saw her with the scissors. The haircut is not “ great” and would have been a better experience if it didn’t feel so rushed. I had to finish cutting my own hair when I got home. I am Going to Sports clips next time.

  2. I followed the greatest stylist, Joe, around to 5 different GC, even in Denver, S. Denver, Arvada, etc for 7 years. Nobody could get my hair style right, no matter what I told them, based on years of working w/ Joe and knowing what he did (b/c we discussed it). I went here when Joe was too far away, chose the person he recommended in his absence, and I was in tears. Went to the GC Arapahoe b/c that’s where he ended up. Then, he moved out of state. Seems no female has the experience (razor blades to cut hair?) and sense of how to cut my hair (I’m a female). But this was another horrible experience. Mind you, it was about 1.5-2 years ago. I think I’ve had to give up on GC b/c many of the “stylists” either don’t listen, go thru WAY too quickly, and clearly lack quality experience. Sadly, b/c I cannot work, I have to have my hair styled at a low rate. Even if you pay $50, you may still get a hack job. It really sucks.
    G’bye Great Clips. Joe was your only hope. He managed several GC for several years. That’s why he moved around. Not gonna fly out to Georgia, however, to get a cut. darn it all.

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