4 Replies to “CED Boulder – Electricians, Boulder”

  1. HORRIBLE service. I am a small contractor and have used CED several times in the past for mostly specialty items. I called trying to locate a device which is not generally kept in stock, and “Brian”, the person who answered the phone, was the rudest, most impatient person imaginable. He made no attempt to find out if I was indeed a contractor, and just assumed using what obviously limited reasoning power he possesses. When he informed me that the style I was looking for was not available, I informed him that it actually was. At that point, he hung up on me. He made no attempt to find out how I knew, or who the manufacturer is. He had no concept of customer service. Instead, he was arrogant, and confident in his stupidity. I will not call this company again, thanks to “Brian”. I sincerely hope the management at CED reads this, and takes steps to improve their customer service. Until their service is dramatically improved, I would suggest to anyone else to find another source for electrical supplies.

  2. First time at this location, I was assisted right away, had the material I needed in 5 mins and they took the time to look my company’s account from the main Denver store.

  3. As a local general contractor we will never use this company again. Very rude and lack of common decency from the staff. Funny my electrician who sent me over to them has used them for 11 years says “they are all bad people (censored) but one person in the store”. Clearly I didn’t see the one person.

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