5 Replies to “AAA Electric Company Inc – Electricians, Boulder”

  1. So kind the gentleman helped me out on the phone and provided the solution. Could have come out and charges me but they didn’t. That’s called honest!

  2. AAA Electric Company is a great company to do business with! High integrity, free estimates, and being in business for over 50 years is a huge plus! I HIGHLY recommend them for any electrical work big or small!

  3. Nice guys at AAA. They did a number of jobs on my client projects. I was very happy working with them, brought them repeat business and referrals, until the last job they did for my company. The electricians did not know what they were doing. At the rough-in, one light stopped working after they “repaired” a circuit. They had not checked their work and I discovered it later. At the install, I made a point to check their work and again some of the outlets and switches they installed did not work. They fixed their work but I got billed for the repair time. We negotiated by splitting the cost of the repairs which I did not think was right.

    The worst part was I later learned one of the electricians they sent to my job site was a registered sex offended with a very serious offense. They did not tell me. I read it in the newspaper after he died in a fire. When I confronted the owner of AAA about it, he knew his employee was a sex offender but thought it was okay to send him into homes without telling the customer about it because the electrician was “such a nice guy.” That frightened me very much. There should be a law against that. I am a female interior designer and project manager. Some of my clients have small children. I will never hire AAA again or refer them.

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