5 Replies to “Whole Pets – Dog Grooming, Boulder”

  1. Very friendly people. I have seen that some times they have animals for adoption. They also have great prices for pet food, they have a lot of selections.

  2. Whole Pets=Whole Headache with custom orders. If you want a Red Dingo tag go directly to their site. Skip the middle man. We ordered a tag from Whole Pets. They lost the order form. Then when Whole Pets sent it to Red Dingo it was missing important info like the tag we chose, color and size. They said the order would take a while. I never imagined it would be 4 months just to get a dog tag.

  3. Whole Pets is ALWAYS a fun and pain-free place to wash Alfred! That cool fur-dryer makes life SO MUCH EASIER! And your tall tubs are easy on my back. I love your vast high quality selections of food and treats. Thank you for being here!

  4. It’s a great store with thoughtful range of products. And always awesome service and helpful knowledgeable staff.

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